How to join our club

How to join our club

1 - sign up to our 7 days free trial

This is only for new members. If you were an existing member who cancelled or suspended your membership please see Rejoining our club

Since we have just opened our new premise, we're giving away a discount for a year!

Note prices will go back to official price after that. See Pricing.

Adults £95 £80 and children £55 £45.

There is also a ladies only membership (£45) where you can attend the ladies only muay thai classes and Yoga classes.

Please note, you must sign up to one of the below before turning up to trial.

Adult (£80)Kids (£45)Ladies Only (£45)

2 - Sign up on the app

Please ensure that you use the same email address as the payment in step 2 so it'll link up your account automatically.

If not please contact us on Whatsapp and we'll link it up manually.

For Android or iPhone:

Apple App StoreAndroid Play Store

For desktop or other devices, use our Webapp

3 - Join our Whatsapp group

We often make announcements such as change of class timetable, holiday schedule or other events on our WhatsApp group

You can use the below button to request to be added to the group

If the admin missed your request feel free to send a chaser Whatsapp directly to us

You can request to join us by sending us a Whatsapp message

Join Whatsapp Group

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