Muay Thai and BJJ
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Muay Thai and BJJ

@ Woolwich Arsenal

What is Artillery Kai?

We are a martial art gym that focuses on

  1. Martial arts that are found to be effective in Mixed martial arts such as UFC.
  2. Aims to be a friendly community gym.
  3. Encourage diversity. We would like this gym to benefit anyone from a young fighter wanting to become a professional to a parent with a fulltime job hoping to get back into fitness.

What's our mission

We are not run for profit but simply enthusiastic and passionate about martial arts. Our instructors/coaching staff volunteer their free time inorder to bring mixed martial arts training to the local community. We want to break down the stigma disinhibiting the wider population from accessing the mental and physical benefits of combat sport training. Being fathers and professionals we feel it is a shame these activities are not actively encouraged in these difficult times

What do we teach?

MainlyMuay ThaiandBrazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ). However we often mix the two and add in Judo and Wrestling.

How much does it cost?

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When do we train?

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Where do we train?

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More Questions?

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