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  • RespectWe must respect each other. There is a zero tolerance policy towards bullying, insults or anything that will intentionally upset others. This is not a club for proving yourself, it is a place where we can all feel safe and improve together.
  • ControlInevitably we will get physical in classes as we are doing combat sports. However, we must always be mindful of keeping our aggression in check and never do anything that would risk causing injury to our training partners.
  • Team sportCombat sports are all team sports we improve together. Remember to encourage your team mates but work within their capabilities while considering physical differences
  • VaccinationAll members are strongly advised to have at least one COVID vaccination. If you are unable to do so, please contact our instructors for a discussion.
  • EquipmentPlease ensure that your clothing is washed and clean. The equipment needed is described here (Muay Thai Equipments /BJJ Equipments)
  • TimelinessWe understand everyone has a job and life, we are 100% okay with people turning up late or leaving early. Please just let the instructor know in advance.

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